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Studio Policies


Welcome to my flute studio! I look forward to working with you to accomplish your musical goals. In this document I want to let you know what I expect from you and what you can expect from me.


  • My Goals

       To spread the joy I get from music and the flute.

       To enable my students to express themselves through music and feel great about themselves through their playing.


  • Required materials

        A flute in good working condition

        A notebook with music paper

        A music stand for practicing at home 

        A cleaning cloth and rod (preferably wood)

        An inexpensive metronome

        Sheet music and other texts, etc., as deemed necessary by the instructor in order to accomplish our goals. (I am aware that           music is expensive and will always try to help you find economical prices whenever possible.)


  • Tuition

        Please contact me for tuition rates. Your tuition includes:  a lesson time (a time is reserved for you, even if you're absent)

        exercises written by the instructor, recital opportunities (when I feel a student is ready) and assistance in purchasing new               instruments.


  • Attendance

       If you need to miss a lesson, I require advanced notice (24 hours minimum) so that we may reschedule.

       Regular flute lessons are important in encouraging regular practice routines and musical development.                                                It is better to reschedule lessons rather than cancel them.

       Please avoid scheduling medical appointments during lesson times.

       Please understand that because I reserve a time for you each week, and the price of tuition includes more than just your                 weekly lesson.

        I must charge for cancellations without proper notice in most circumstances.  


         Communication is important! My intention is to work with you to make sure you get the full value of your study.

         Please make every effort to reach me by telephone (917)494-4413. E-mail alone is NOT an acceptable method of canceling a          lesson.

         Also, please do not assume that I am aware of government holidays or school vacations! 


  • Lesson content

        In each lesson we will work on tone production, technical studies, and flute repertoire (a solo work and/or duet) music                     theory, ear training, and improvization.

        We may also work on school band music, as needed, and any solos you wish to play for contests or asked to perform for                 school, church, etc.

        Students are responsible for providing their own music.

        Parents are welcome to observe lessons at any time.


  • Performances

       Students may be required to play in studio recitals given throughout the year.        

        I also encourage all of my students to attend  classical music concerts whenever possible. 


  • Practice

       Lessons are an exercise in teamwork.

       The team includes the student, the teacher, and the parent(s). Parents are expected to encourage their child, to help them               keep a regular practice schedule, and to help obtain needed materials in a timely manner.

        I have found that when parents take an active role in encouraging their children to practice, the child experiences greater               success.



  • Purchasing a new instrument

       Please speak to me before purchasing or renting new instruments.

       My experience may be an invaluable asset to you so that you may find the right instrument at the right price. I am more than         happy to shop with you and help you try out different instruments.


  • Your Goals

       These are your lessons and my goal is to help to you achieve your musical goals.

       I want to get to know you and your likes and dislikes so that I can tailor my teaching accordingly. There are some things that I        ask all my students to do and I assure you, there is a well thought out reason behind it all.

       Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.



I look forward to exploring music with you!

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