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My Studio

My goal is to foster and develop a love of learning and discovery through music and the flute.  As a professional flutist with over 20 years of teaching and performing experience, I have chosen to devote my life to music and flute playing but realistically most of my students won't.  Instead of focusing purely on developing them as future professional flutists, I tailor my lessons to the goals of my students. 

 In addition to developing musicianship and a love of expressing oneself through music, regular private music lessons also foster a number of other positive traits that can be transferred to any other aspect of life or career.

- discipline

- attention to detail

- self-esteem

Many institutions of higher learning recognize that those who achieve success in fields like athletics, dance, and music possess the skills to thrive in other high-demand fields like law, medicine, engineering, and many others.

My students have been successful in auditions Manitoba Band Association Provincial Honour Band, and the Winnipeg Youth Symphony as well as earning high marks at the Winnipeg Music Festival and the  Syrinx Flute Festival. 


To get a taste of my teaching you can get started with these introductory videos I made for the Manitoba Band Association.

To join my studio please read my lessons policy below and click on the contact me button below to request your free lesson consultation. 

Lessons Policy
For more videos about flute playing click here!
Let's get started!  Contact me for a free consultation. 
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